Rising up to stop Drunk Driving.

Drunk driving is a problem that affects everyone, both the living and the undead. That's why concerned, recently-deceased citizens have formed Z.A.D.D.—Zombies Against Drunk Driving.

Approaching the legal intoxication limit of .08 blood alcohol content (BAC) results in poor muscle coordination—negatively affecting balance, speech, vision, and reaction time. Dying and reanimating produces many of these same symptoms. This combination of drunk, reaction-impaired motorists and undead, reaction-impaired pedestrians is deadly.

Every year, drunk drivers also kill or injure hundreds of living people on Halloween. These are innocent individuals who, through no fault of their own, could have been eaten by zombies, instead. That's why Z.A.D.D. has partnered with Utah law enforcement to crack down hard on DUIs.

This Halloween, if you've been drinking, please don't drive. Take a cab. Ride with a sober friend. Or better yet, walk home, alone and unarmed, through a graveyard.